Introducing WP Slide2See 2.0 Plugin

Transform Your Site into a Conversion Machine!

There’s a problem that is seriously hurting your ability to make money from your websites. It's called AD BLINDNESS. In short, your readers are IGNORING ads and opt-in boxes.

A newly released eyetracking study by usability guru Jakob Nielsen shows that sites containing opt-in boxes and ad boxes within the content or in the sidebars (indicated by green outlines in his heat maps below), are increasingly losing effectiveness and are causing visitors to quickly hit the "back" button regardless of how good the content is.

Ad Blindness Effect

How can you possibly MAKE MONEY if no one is even looking at your ads?

How can you possibly grow your list if no one is even seeing your opt-in boxes?

You can't! You need a new way to capture your readers' attention.

Here it is! With WP Slide2See, you can dynamically transform your site so that your web visitors will see your content FIRST. This allows them to read your valuable content, gain your trust, and lower their "ad alert" guard. Then, after getting them to interact with your site, (and, in the process, increasing their curiosity), they GLADLY CLICK ON your ad, offer, or opt-in. It's a win-win! Your viewers get valuable content. And you, well…just from retaining the people who would have otherwise clicked the back button, YOUR TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!!

With this plugin you will:

So Here Is Your Chance To Completely Transform Your Blog, Boost Your Conversions and Overall Earnings...Are You Ready?


With the variety and functionality of these FOUR sliders, you'll find that WP Slide2See will come in handy in one way or another with just about every site you put up for years to come.

And, of course, if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your $39.97. Guaranteed.


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After purchase, you will be redirected to a download page.  You will also reeive a purchase confirmation and a link to download WP Slide2See in your email.  WP Slide2See is a zip file that you upload into your plugin folder in your WordPress site.  There is complete installation instructions when the plugin is installed.

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WP Slide2See Includes 
4 Unique Sliders:

Slide Down Content

Slide Deck Effect

Animated Hover

Top Tab Slider


With this Plugin You Will:

Get visitors to stick around on
     your blog 2x - 3x's longer

Instantly achieve higher ad
     conversion rates

Build your list faster than you
     ever thought possible

Energize your content with
     dynamic interactive page

Easily monetize your content
     with stealth advertising